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3 Ways to Level Up Your Messaging to Attract Your Target Audience

3 Ways to Level Up Your Messaging to Attract Your Target Audience

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Is putting a hammer to nail a struggle for you?

I get it. As entrepreneurs, we’re expected to know everything! How to do sales, how to market yourself, how to run your accounting, how to recognize potential customers’ pain points, how to write blog posts…the list goes on.

But, really, some things just aren’t your forte and that’s totally cool.

Messaging isn’t just jotting down some words and hoping they stick – it’s all about how you speak to your target audience that really matters! There’s a strategy to it, just like there’s a strategy to sales and anything else in business. Once you figure out what works best for your unique brand, you’ll be able to implement your messaging so that it attracts, engages, and builds trust with your target audience.

If you’re not into writing or have trouble finding the right words to say, try these 3 ways to nail your messaging so that you can start attracting your target audience and feeling more confident in how you show up in your business.

3 Ways to Level Up Your Messaging to Attract Your Target Audience
3 Ways to Level Up Your Marketing

1. Pitching is out, value is in

Your audience is always looking for solutions to their problems. When they come to you, they’re searching for something – whether it’s advice or a suggestion, or a possible outcome from working with you. If your only focus is to pitch the sale, they might only feel like a number rather than a person. Instead, you want them to walk away (even if they say no because that does happen) with something they didn’t know or thought of before.

Here are 5 ways you can add value to your audience now:
  • Offer a new perspective
  • Reference a book or podcast
  • Share your experience
  • Give helpful information about your industry
  • Give them your time and attention

All of these can easily incorporated into your marketing messaging, as posts, stories or even when you’re chatting in the DMs. The more value you offer, the more your customers will come back and back again.

2. Think quality, not quantity

The days of pushing sales and sleazy tactics are over. People – more specifically YOUR people – are looking for human connection. This can be hard to come across when their feeds are constantly being littered with ads and scammers.

So, the more value and quality service you can give to your audience, the more you will build strong, trusting relationships that keep them coming back time and time again.

Here’s 3 ways you can strive for quality over quantity:

1. Practice Listening more than talking

Your target audience wants to feel heard and the more you talk about yourself, the less they think it’s about them. Pay attention to what they need and want and how you can provide that for them.

2. Keep communication a priority

Don’t be that friend that you see once every 3 years. Check in on your customers frequently, have real conversations, and show them that you are there to cheer them on!

3. Give back when you can

Show your appreciation to your customers by giving incentives, offering valuable advice, or connect your customers to other professionals who could help them.

The quality work you have to offer will not go unnoticed, so make sure you use this in your messaging when you can.

3. Your customers are human

In the digital age, it’s so easy to get into the robotics of social media. The same poses, perfectly clean desks, and houses – it’s not real life. At least…it’s definitely not at my house!

So when your customers are looking to work with someone, you have to remember that they are just like you! They’re just people trying to make it out here in this crazy world and having a real connection with someone that could really help them is crucial.

Here’s a few ways to keep your messaging on a human level:

  • Skip the big words – you’re not a dictionary and neither is your audience. Write just as you would speak in a normal conversation.
  • Go live – Show your face on your stories or go live sometimes. This helps people connect with you on a personal level.
  • Share your story – You’ve had experiences that might relate to others’ situations. Open up and don’t be afraid to tell your story.

And always remember to be yourself! You can never go wrong with authentic messaging because it will call in the right people who are ready and excited to work with you, just as you are.

Erin Marcus

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Erin Marcus

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