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OACC Business Insights Blog Submission Form

Thank you for your interest in supplying an article for our Business Insights Blog. We are happy to offer this platform that provides our members the opportunity to position themselves as a subject matter experts.

The Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce’s Business Insights Blog is designed to serve as a centralized resource for our members and our business community. A successful blog post is informative and engaging. It is also the Chamber’s desire to promote its members in a fair and equitable way. These guidelines serve as a framework for articles submitted for our blog.

  • Although we will consider longer or shorter articles, the ideal word content will be between 1000 – 2500 words with no repetition or fluff.
  • Articles must be business related.
  • Articles must be quality writing and a reliable source of information for Oconomowoc area businesses.
  • Articles must be educational, not an advertisement. Rather you are positioning yourself as a subject matter expert.
  • Links in the article must be from a credible source with no more than one link to your company’s website in the body of the post. Your website and social media links will be included in the footer in the post.
  • You are required to submit an image that represents your article. This must be a public domain image, or a free stock image that does not require an attribution to the creator and is labeled for commercial use.

Posts that will not be accepted:

  • Articles that may be construed as spam or as a MLM pyramid scheme.
  • Articles that are politically charged (only bipartisan posts are accepted).
  • Articles that are inaccurate, offensive, or disrespectful or are overly critical of individuals or businesses.
  • Articles that advertise or promote the sale of products or services.

Acceptance process

  • The Chamber reserves the right to accept or reject an article and further reserves the right to remove content at any time.
  • Blogs will be considered on a first come, first served basis.
  • We will respond to let you know if your article will be published. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing.
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