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Time to get serious about hiring?

Time to Get Serious About Hiring?

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Talmar Anderson

Hiring Strategist & CEO | Boss Actions

Deciding who is influencing your company's success.

Growing and scaling is a big part of the business owner adventure. Actually, looking for and deciding the best ANSWERS to growing and scaling for your company is a major requirement to success. Building a thriving business is not innate and we start to surround ourselves with peer groups, experts and authorities to gather those answers. Have you ever noticed that it is in the questions about YOUR own business that we start to squirm? Where I really notice entrepreneurs deflecting looks a little like this. Your mastermind group, or business coach, asks, “What does your hiring process look like?”

Umm, didn’t you have to HIRE those people? One of the biggest misconceptions that seriously slows business growth is that a hiring process in only for “big companies. How do you think they go to be that big, boss?

They got good at hiring for their own company. And the issue is that most business owners are convinced that vendors and interdependent contract type specialists are not “real” hiring. As if there is no way to vet and qualify these types of engagements for your business. 

“Ugh, Talmar, you know what I mean!” I can hear you and see your rolled eyes.

Yes. Yes boss. I know EXACTLY what you mean.

You are saying you didn’t YET know that the process of identifying a need – say needing a new website, finding the best possible website building company for your need, communicating what you wanted as a result from the website people, vetting how that company would deliver the results and agreeing to the amount of cash that your business would be responsible to pay for that result is…

Exactly what a strong hiring process does!

Unfortunately, because entrepreneurs are trying to shortcut and get “THERE” faster, they don’t even see that this is a specific process to ensure success in ALL the answers you find along the way. Instead, money starts quickly pouring out. A little at first but it will snowball into thousands of dollars being paid out to people you expect to INFLUENCE your business success. 

Do you know focusing on hiring is a universal hang up for businesses trying to grow? Your favorite thought leaders list hiring as the thing they would do differently to grow FASTER. 

Seth Godin, entrepreneurial expert and published author of numerous books, was asked what he would have done differently when he was starting out. During a Master Class event I attended back in 2019 (when you were in the room for these things) Seth said quickly and simply, “hire sooner.” Letting go of what we “CAN” do to people we can trust to do it, IS how your company quickly moves from good to great to thriving. 

Your business will be best served by you understanding the bossification 4-step process to hiring we use and teach every day. 

And the super secret about a kickass hiring process? If you stop doing ALL the things the company actually gets to be profitable faster!

HOWEVER, hiring the wrong vendors will end up COSTING you and keep you stuck. 

I heave heard stories again and again of business owners that hired someone they liked, as in the example of the website building company. Then after months of not finishing, the vendor not just stops working, but holds the site hostage for more money, leaving you feeling that you have already overpaid and are now being ripped off. 

For most people, that is the saddest part and it IS sad to lose that money. My hiring strategist mind knows the full truth is even more expensive. 

The truth is bad hiring processes lose the money they paid to the underperforming vendors PLUS the money that would have been generated from the new clients that would have found you. Add in the amount of additional funds you know need to come up with to start the website process all over. Lastly, add the months’ worth of revenue that your business is losing because now the original result won’t occur for 10 months after your original planned launch date. 

Will it be expensive and more chaos or accelerated growth, boss? Bad hires are expensive, yes. But worse, they take the fun out of growing because they actually do the opposite of what we hoped. Bad hires keep your business stuck and only you can make the decision to focus on who you are letting influence your company. 

Boss on.

Talmar Anderson

Contributed by

Talmar Anderson

Hiring Strategist & CEO | Boss Actions

Talmar Anderson knows that you CAN enjoy the Boss role in a thriving business that does not require you…every moment…for every decision…every single day. Boss Actions is the Hiring Strategy and Boss best practices firm that empowers business owners to shift their business model by building kick ass teams they can trust to deliver so that they can stop all the “doing”! Offering organizational consulting and delivering repeatable processes for hiring and managing allows our clients to be the Boss they were always meant to be and to Scale on Purpose.